That’s the way the cookie crumbles! Cookies explained.


Not necessarily 100% related to GDPR apart from the cookie consent form, many websites seem to be updating their policies at the same time for cookies on websites.    An excellent introduction to cookies can be found at Cookiepedia

Another source of information cookies is at:  How can I change my BBC cookie settings?

Another source of information on GDPR and cookies can be found at Cookiepedia

A study was made asking users what they thought of cookies. Most decided they did not want to use a site using cookies, some even thinking that cookies could carry a virus.

Therefore anyone setting-up a new website should be thinking about how to navigate the site without cookies. This will be a tall order for many existing websites.


My previous blog on GDPR is shown below for completeness:




(right-click and save the image locally for a larger copy of these 12 steps)

Here is where I am placing all of the information I know about GDPR, which came into operation on 25th May 2018:

Five Things You Should Have Done Before 25th May

  1. Add your own terms, sub-processors and cookie policies to your site.
  2. Add an opt-in checkbox wherever you’re capturing customer data.
  3. Add a cookie consent form to your site (and splash pages).
  4. Determine if you’re a controller or processor of the data.
  5. Email all your existing customers and ask them to reconfirm consent.

P.S. This GDPR blog posting is a work-in-progress, so please check back regularly



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