Adding Checkboxes to a Google docs spreadsheet


Caution! Only works if Google has read your mind!

No sooner as I had written this blog entry, it appears that Google has added a new Checkbox feature under the ‘insert’ menu.

So that is the good news.

The bad news is that this is a new, experimental feature so will not appear for all users (yet)

So if your ‘insert’ menu looks like the following, you are in luck:

Google Docs Spreadsheet Checkbox feature

If your ‘Insert’ menu is as above, i.e. it includes ‘Checkbox’ between ‘Link’ and ‘Comment’ then follow these directions:   Google: Add & use checkboxes

However, if your ‘insert’ menu looks like the followingScreen Shot 2018-04-13 at 14.27.39 -missing checkbox

. . . .i.e. without the Checkbox item between ‘Link’ and ‘Comment’, you are out of luck on this new, experimental Checkbox feature and need to either go to plan B below

If you have spare time to play around AND are happy that this feature may only work on your computer and do not require to share your new toys with others

I have no inside information from Google, but I am thinking that if you google something enough then your dreams will come true, as prior to this I never saw this feature and used the link below instead.

If you work for Google and know who gets to play with the new toys in their toy box, then please let me know!


It was only after googling things like:

Adding Checkboxes to a Google docs spreadsheet

red empty checkbox green ticked checkbox

. . . that I got the Checkbox item appearing in the insert menu of my Google docs spreadsheet




(Works even if Google Mindreading isn’t enabled)


Try this link only if you can’t always get what you want from Plan A above, or if you are unhappy using a new feature not guaranteed to work on anyone else’s computer.

Is it possible to add a checkbox/button equivalent?

Then if you are more adventurous, you could use the suggestion in the link above about red and green images, e.g. like with using the following:






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